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The ZO Skin Health line of products, founded by world-famous dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi, provides skincare solutions for people who want to look their best and achieve glowing skin. At The Aesthetic Loft, we offer the ZO Skin Health line to Brentwood patients searching for a results-driven approach to repairing and maintaining healthy skin.

Each ZO Skin Health product has a unique formula and ingredients that have been shown to help resolve a wide range of skin problems. These skincare products can help people of any age, race, and skin type get brighter, clearer, and healthier skin.

The ZO Skin Health line blends the benefits of advanced skin procedures into your daily skincare routine. These professionally produced solutions have been regarded as breakthrough skincare treatments due to their emphasis on long-term benefits.

Why Choose the ZO Skin Health Line?

The ZO Skin Health line uses cutting-edge formulations to promote skin-health restoration and stabilization. They aid in the rebuilding of the skin’s barrier, DNA repair, inflammatory management, pigment control, antioxidant protection, and UV protection.

ZO Skin Health products repair the structure of your skin. Each composition contains antioxidants that fight free radicals, prevent UV damage, and control oil production for cleaner, clearer skin. This gives you longer-lasting and more-comprehensive results.

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Is the ZO Skin Health Line Right for Me?

Patients looking for solutions to fine facial lines, acne scars and lesions, dark spots, rosacea, dry skin, sagging skin, pigmentation, or sun-damaged skin are ideal candidates for ZO Skin Health products.

Your ZO Skin Health Line Consultation

We start your personalized ZO Skin Health skincare journey with a thorough consultation with one of our skilled practitioners at The Aesthetic Loft. Our staff is trained and certified in the use of ZO Skin Health products, and we have recommended them for years to treat a wide range of skin problems.

We create an appropriate skincare program for you using ZO Skin Health products based on your skin issues and goals. We will perform a complete skin examination. During your appointment, one of our skincare experts will review your goals, potential results, and how you can achieve the finest skin of your life.

The ZO Skin Health line of products caters to patients with a wide range of skin disorders, with each product tailored to address specific issues. These products can address numerous therapeutic needs, from washing and toning to exfoliating and brightening.

Applying ZO Skin Health Products

The first step in ZO Skin Health skincare is cleansing the skin by removing dirt and hazardous elements. The next step is exfoliating the skin, which gets rid of the top layer of dead skin cells and makes the skin ready for maximum absorption.

Before treating specific skin concerns, specific ZO Skin Health toner products are used to regulate the skin’s pH level. Lastly, products are applied to introduce ingredients that lock in moisture to nourish, hydrate, and moisturize the skin.

ZO Skin Health Line Results

The results created by ZO Skin Health products will vary based on the specific products being used, along with the severity of your skin issues and the effectiveness of your body’s natural healing capabilities. Each patient is unique. Most patients notice visible results 6 weeks after beginning their new skincare routine. Considerable improvement can be seen in 12 weeks.

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To find out more about the ZO Skin Health line, Brentwood patients can contact us today to schedule a consultation. The Aesthetic Loft has helped numerous people achieve their beauty goals by showing them how to use these effective and scientifically tested skincare products.

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Kim is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. You can tell she knows what she’s doing. I came in for a chemical peel and she was very professional and clean. Coming back to get Botox! Excited for the results of my peel!
Kim does a wonderful job and really knows how to take care of her patients. I would highly recommend her!!!

It’s been almost 4 months and my skin has never looked so good. It truly brings me joy to show friends and family my before and after pictures. They are speechless. Thank you Kim and thank you ZO Skin. I am a customer for life!

For the first time in the last 7 years I’ve been getting Botox has someone taken the time to explain to me why drooping happens and how to prevent it. She took her time and made sure everything was thoroughly explained. She clearly knows her stuff!